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Fic recommendation help - Мы любим Декстера! "Dexter" - сериал [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Мы любим Декстера! "Dexter" - сериал

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Fic recommendation help [июл. 13, 2012|07:30 pm]
Мы любим Декстера! "Dexter" - сериал
I've been watching Dexter since it first aired but haven't actually read any fics yet. As the series is dark in nature, I'm hoping you can recommend some good fics to start with. I'm open to most genres, and particularly like the humour in the show.

I'd rather stay away from fics with sex, but if it's part of the story that's fine. No non-con please, but dub-con is fine.

Thanks in advance.